The end of an era… (ok, the end of an internship)

18 Aug

I understand this is far overdue, but I believe a final post from The Witty Intern is in order.

The end of my summer in Nashville, and the end of my internship for that matter, crept up on me quite quickly. First thing I knew, I was being pried from the little niche I’d made for myself over the past couple months.

Where did the summer go? I’m not ready to say goodbye. I’m not ready to leave. (Besides, I probably won’t have an office this nice ever again) #SpoiledIntern

I suppose that all good things must come to an end.

From the beginning, the purpose of this blog was to be a place for reflection. I stated that I’d be sharing my summer internship experience at a PR agency with the hopes of gaining a little wisdom along the way. It’s amusing to read my first few posts and laugh at my frantic confusion and fatigue. Then again, it’s amusing to read my last couple posts and laugh at my confusion and fatigue. Those things seem to be a constant in this industry (and 6 a.m. in the morning will always be 6 a.m. in the morning).

And although this summer was filled with a lot of hard work, it has turned out to be an invaluable experience. I can excitingly say that I know what I want to do with the rest of my life. Anybody jealous?

I learned that the field of PR, namely the agency environment, is one in which I could thrive. I loved the collaborative aspect and the variety of accounts, projects and interactions. Using a combination of strategic planning and creativity to provide real solutions gave a sense of purpose and fulfillment in the work that I did. I learned what it meant to be given true responsibilities and to work as a valued member of a team. At the same time, I learned the technical aspects of the job: press releases, case studies and pitches…phones, filing and copiers. I may have even gleaned a few things about office culture and etiquette.

I came to find I was very fortunate to be interning at an agency that held such confidence in my abilities and allowed me the opportunities that they did. And to KVB, I’m very grateful.

I wrote a farewell post for the agency blog, which can be read here: The Value of an Intern(ship)

I’m already back at school (Roll Tide), and I’ve already started classes and a new internship at the Mayor’s Office. Due to complete lack of free time, maintaining The Witty Intern would be impossible, and it is with a heavy heart I must announce that the end of its editorial existence. Besides, I’d like to think that any return to the blogosphere would be under a new name — perhaps something like… The Young (Employed) PR Professional!

I’d like to thank anyone who took the time to follow my blog, whether it was loyally, periodically or by an accidental slip of the mouse (I mean, hey… that still counts as a click in my blog statistics). I received over 1,000 blog views in just a short two and a half months. And as far as my goals for this blog, I believe I’ve met them all: I learned what I set out to learn and so much more.

To all the employers out there, I urge you to select your interns thoughtfully, and then have faith in the value they can bring to your company. And likewise, to the interns, I urge you to never underestimate the value you can provide.

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