The witty co-workers

13 Jul

Well, I’ve learned a little thing about the culture of a small office environment…

Lesson Learned: There are no secrets. Well technically there are, but everyone knows them, and they spread like wildfire.

It was revealed to me at the staff meeting yesterday that my blog is not actually a secret, as I had thought or intended. Rather everyone in the office knows about it, and apparently my co-workers have been reading it. Everyone started answering questions that I had posed in my blog throughout the last couple of weeks: No, your skirt’s not too short. No, there aren’t any office parties going on behind your back. (I’m still investigating this claim)

Since I haven’t been fired yet, I guess that means I haven’t offended anyone too much. And what a coincidence, my next blog topic is co-worker flattery.

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One response to “The witty co-workers

  1. Gma Wilder

    July 21, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    You are super!!!!!!!


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