The value of vacation

05 Jul

Vacation now has a new meaning.

I took off from work last Friday and spent the long, Fourth-of-July weekend at the beach. I’m finding the effects are like magic. When I sat down at my desk this morning, I got right to work. My mind was clear and focused, my pace was speedy and productive. Co-workers keep asking how my trip was, and all I can say is: I feel so refreshed!

I’m sure they probably laugh at the thought of my duties as an intern: Refreshed? Try managing a couple of client accounts and see if how you like vacations then!

But I have my own stressful affairs around the office. You could call me account manager of the copier, and yes, my body does get achy from sharpening the company pencils.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided that I’m allowed to act like my work life is stressful — makes me feel like a real PR professional. So no one bug me today, I’m slammed with catch-up work. Four days away from the office and now I have to tackle this inbox full of emails… all two of them.

Reflection: When I returned to work this morning, I came back to nearly every office employee raving about the U2 concert on Saturday. Of course I’ve heard of them. But remind me: Who are they again? And what do they sing? Maybe this is why I’m not invited to the office throw-downs.

Reminder: Look up U2 on iTunes.

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