Inquiring interns want to know: Do we ask too many questions?

24 May

Monday morning, I strolled in the office refreshed from a restful weekend. Thankfully, my body is already starting to adjust to my new schedule, and all it’s taken is a few minor changes to my daily routine. At night, I’ve been going to bed a little earlier; and in the morning, an IV pumps coffee through my veins.

Like I said on Friday, I’m starting to feel settled in to my role at the office. And yesterday, I grappled with a familiar struggle of mine. A struggle that plagues goody-two-shoes like me who are still trying to adapt to a new environment: I always wonder, am I asking too many questions?

Questions crop up as part of any learning process, and with my strong desire for perfection, they tend to crop up a lot. But that doesn’t mean I ask them all…

Despite my will to clarify every little detail along the way, there’s an even stronger desire to withhold questions and prove myself capable of executing a task without having my hand held. Equalizing these forces is a balancing act, and somewhere in the middle lays a valuable and competent intern.
Fellow interns do you feel me? No? okay…

It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized how much I was overdoing my “logical approach.” I was at my desk, hung up on an assignment. I felt like I’d already been asking too many questions about it, and with any more, they just might question the competency of their new intern. So I sat there frazzled, debating what on earth I was going to do.

When I finally summoned the courage to ask my puzzling question, I realized how dumb my worry was. (She just smiled, gave me the answer, and 30 minutes of frantic trouble-shooting was solved in 10 seconds).

The truth is, I think I over-do the thinking. My questions are neither dumb nor irrational, and they only come after much thought or many obstacles. Perhaps I overestimate (or completely fabricate) the judgment other impart on me when I ask a question. Dearest intern, no one thinks you’re incompetent — in fact, your questions probably reflect positively on your desire to complete your assignment correctly. (Or at least, this is what I’m going with).

Lessons Learned: I don’t ask too many questions, right? Do I ask too many questions?

Reflections: Sorry for the triviality of this topic. Intern neurosis… just grasping for wisdom here.

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