The skinny on social media

17 May

It’s only the end of day two, and I’ve already attended a professional luncheon on social media. PRSA of Nashville hosted Jason Falls, an expert on improving your social media marketing strategy.

Lessons Learned: The rules of social media are… there are no rules. And the most important thing to remember: CONTENT is KING.

The biggest mistake made by organizations using social media is that they try to self-promote rather than provide compelling content to their audience. The truth, Falls said, is that the audience really doesn’t care about you. (Harsh, I know). Their interest in you, as an organization, begins when you fill your customers’ need for knowledge, advice, expertise, entertainment, etc.

For example, consider a health insurance company using Facebook or Twitter. “We are the best.” “We have the best plans and rates.” “Come sign up with us, we really care.”
What kind of motivation do I have to follow that company? They’re just saying how great they believe their services are (self-promotion), and I’m not even in the market for health insurance.

But what if that same health insurance company began tweeting/posting recent health news and links to relevant articles: “7 myths about breast cancer” “Study finds young adults not getting enough sleep” “Reduce your chance of catching the flu this season”
Suddenly that company is giving me a reason to follow them (compelling content). I’m finding their information both interesting and useful. Overtime, I associate them with reputable health information and refer to their content for expertise. And in a couple of years, when I’m actually in the market for health insurance, I’ll most likely turn to a company I’m familiar with—a company I’ve come to trust.

That’s what the speaker meant by Content is King. Using this approach requires an organization to know their audience so that they can offer content that addresses those needs as adeptly as possible.

And the food was pretty awesome, too (fyi)

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