First day

16 May

Good thing I abided by the early-bird rule of thumb for my first day of work:

It took me about 15 minutes to figure out that the elevators on the right side of the lobby take you to floors 1-17, while the elevators on the left reach floors 17-35. Wouldn’t you know it, I picked the wrong side.
I did, however, still stroll into the office right on time (8 a.m.)

I enjoyed a lovely office tour, followed by a morning of intern training. And if my head wasn’t already big enough, they gave me my very own office. High expectations? The agency sits on the 21st floor of a downtown high-rise, overlooking the Tennessee Titans stadium. The contemporary office environment boasts gallery art and mod furniture. Interior glass walls allow everyone to peer across at each other as they work at their desk. Hey y’all.

Lucky me, the building is located in a hotspot of delis and cafe, creating a variety of favorable lunch options. For my first day, I was treated to lunch by two of my new “co-workers.” And in the afternoon, I was actually able to complete my first copywriting assignment.

Lessons learned: Arriving early was smart. You must allow for elevator debacles or any possible obstacles that may prevent you from being on time (especially for Day #1).

Daily Reflections: Why didn’t anyone tell me that rush hour traffic was so fun?? It makes me feel like a real business professional

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